Sad News For E-Cigarette Industry

thesadtruth Sad News For E Cigarette Industry


Yesterday we brought you a good news here at reporting that Celebrities and other famous people are welcoming E-cigarettes with welcoming arms and enjoying the many benefits of it, even promoting it to other people. The government and other states however does the contrary of it. They are suppressing the rights of E-cigarettes, banning it on public places and treating it like something dangerous even though many studies had already proved that it is not dangerous and it should not be treated same as tobacco smoking as it is not. It is only producing vapor and not smoke.

Here’s a sad scenario of what is truly happening. As a vaping commmunity, we do hope that a light would be shed in our government and states and open their eyes to what E-cigarettes can truly bring to the society.

How To Spread The Word About Blu Cig, Halo Cigs and Apollo Cigs In The Right Way

As you may have heard or read in news there are many bad things that are said about E-cigarettes. Most of them are not true and are just ruining the E-cig reputation. Some of them are thrown intentionally to stop smokers from switching to E-cigarettes while some of them are due to a lack of education on the part of the accuser. And so as someone who already experienced the greatness of E-cigs, you have the responsibility to spread the word about it and try to make other people switch to it. Here are some tips on how you can spread the word about e-cigarettes the right way. Read on

Tip #1: Vape anywhere you want but with consent.
We know you love that you no longer smell like a walking ashtray. And that you look cool enough to smoke without getting any tar into your teeth or any harmful chemicals in your body. You probably are so proud that you want to tell everyone about it, or vape and show how great it is everywhere you go. But this is not a great way to spread the word about E-cigs. Just because you are completely comfortable with your new sense of freedom, it doesn’t mean other people feel the same. Please don’t blow plumes of vapor in small offices, elevators, cabs or other confined spaces, unless everyone has consented. Being respectful and asking consent first would make you look like more trustable and people will hear your story more when you speak about E-cigs.

Tip #2: Talk about E-cigs, don’t preach.
If people inquire about how it works, go for it! Show them how it works, point out the benefits, and even give them a few puffs, if you’re the sharing kind. However, do not go overboard and give long talks like you are giving a sales pitch. Don’t talk about complex things about E-cigs like PG/VG ratios and just keep it to the major things they need to know. Start small and let others work up to asking you more details. Not the other way around.

Tip #3: Approach tobacco users politely.
As a smoker turned vaper, you probably have that itching feeling to approach your friends and families who still smoke tobacco cigarettes and make them switch. Why not right? You know for a fact that E-cigs are best for them. However, the most common mistake of E-cig users approaching tobacco users is that they think of themselves highly now. They criticize, lambast, shun or humiliate their friends who smoke and in turn hurt their feelings. Yes you are doing them a favor by doing that, but in reality, you just step on them and they will probably not talk to you anymore. The right way is to approached them politely and ask if they would give you a chance to explain the greatness of E-cigarettes. If they say yes, great! Give them the information they need to get started, along with a reassuring affirmation. If they decline, respect that and say maybe later.

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We’ll give you the lowdown on the different starter kits available from one of the most up and coming brands in the e-cigarette industry.

Vapor Fi is the newest e-cigarette brand launched by International Vapor Group. It’s the same company that launched South Beach Smoke and EverSmoke.

What makes Vaporfi (formerly Zone) such a highly-talked about brand these days is their higher caliber set of options when it comes to electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers.

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VaporZone Express™

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VaporZone Air™

The Air comes with a 350 mAh battery yet is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. It’s recommended for e-cigarette smokers who are always on the go. It is priced at $39.99.

VaporZone Jet™

Perfect for e-cigarette smokers who want to take it to the next level, the Jet comes with a 650mAh battery that includes a digital read-out with a puff counter, battery meter and other spiffy features. For only $79.99.

VaporZone Pro™

The Pro comes with a 1000 mAh battery, therefore the vapor production and throat hit are exceptionally strong. The kit sells for $54.99.

VaporZone Pulse™

The Pulse Starter Kit comes with two 750 mAh batteries that guarantee strong vapor production and throat hit like no other. It also comes with a cordless circular charger. It sells at $119.99.

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VaporZone Rebel™.

Considered the most advanced e-cigarette in the market, the Rebel is made with quality stainless steel and a Telescopic Variable Battery that allows you to adjust the power and the voltage you want (from 600mAh to 220 mAh).

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 About the V2 Cigs Starter Kit

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  • 2 V2 Batteries
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The V2 Smart Charger is built with a sophisticated internal chip that prevents your batteries from overcharging, plus it charges your batteries twice as fast!

To make your experience unique and definitely pleasurable, you can also select up to two cartridge flavors in your V2 Standard Kit.

Their popular flavors include: V2 Red (American Tobacco), Sahara (Turkish Tobacco), Congress (Refined Tobacco), V2 Menthol (Refreshing Mint), Peppermint (Sweet Mint), Green Tea Menthol, Cherry, Coffee, Vanilla and V2 Cola. They also come in five different nicotine strengths: 2.4% nicotine, 1.8% nicotine, 1.2% nicotine, 0.6% nicotine and 0% nicotine.

My personal favorite is the V2 Menthol because it delivers a cool, refreshing taste much like the Marlboro Menthol I used to smoke.

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Save By Switching To Electronic Cigarettes Especially With These E-Cigarette Coupon Codes

Smoking cigarettes is an expensive habit. With 1 pack of cigarettes already costing at $5-$20 a pack (and continuously increasing because of tobacco taxes), you can wind up costing around $1800 a year if you are a “one-day one-pack” smoker or more. And that’s not including the cost of cigarette accessories such as the lighter and the ashtray. And other expenses such as gums to make your breath fresh again, cologne to get rid of that awful odor, health insurance, dental checkups and more.

Luckily, by switching to Electronic cigarettes, you can cut more than half of your smoking expenses. Imagine that? E-cigarette can make you healthier because it doesn’t have any thousands of chemicals in it, make the environment much cleaner, give you more freedom to smoke in public places and much more. And you can still save money on it! Don’t believe me? Well then, let’s do a little math for you and tell you how much you can save.

As we said, as a “one-day one-pack” smoker, you’ll end up spending $100 or more a year with traditional cigarettes. With E-cigarettes, the initial value is the only thing that is expensive. One can buy a starter kit that ranges from $35-$150 to start with. Each E-cigarettes starter kit includes a battery, more than one flavor cartridge (depending on the starter kit you choose, in can be around 10 packs), charging options and accessories. Unlike traditional cigarettes, you can use this E-cigarettes as many times as you want to, all you need is to charge the battery like the way you charge your mobile phones and then buy flavor cartridges when its empty. Using blu e-cigs as an example – A pack of five blu electronic cigarette cartridges costs around $12. Each cartridge lasts approximately as long as a pack of cigarettes, so in effect you are paying $12 for five packs of cigarettes, or $2.40 a pack. If you smoke a pack a day of cigarettes, it would only cost you only a roughly $1000 a year after a switch to blu Cigs. And we haven’t calculated yet the option of E-liquid refills with V2 cigs which will only cost you around $.60 a pack since E-liquid refills are rare and only a few brands offer it. That’s a saving of $800 or more a year anyway!

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E-cigs Red Carpet

E cigs Red Carpet E cigs Red Carpet

Great news everyone. Electronic cigarettes are gathering more media vibes nowadays. Electronic cigarettes are popping up everywhere in the world of the rich and famous!  From big screens, to talk shows, to primetime sitcoms. Sit and relax as we brought you the E-cigs red carpet today.

Big Screen

E-cigarettes appeared in the blockbuster movie “The Tourist” starring Angelina Jolie and Johnny Deep. Johnny Deep can be seen vaping in the train and explaining to Angelina that it is not smoking.

Television Shows
Primetime television has also started showcasing characters with a penchant for vaping. When CBS’ Two Broke Girls introduced their new, noisy upstairs neighbor – Jennifer Coolidge (Famous for her role in American Pie) with e-cig in hand. Meanwhile Fox’s Alcatraz television show character Dr. Milton Beauregard said about his electronic cigarette, “It may be the only thing about this century that I have found bearable.”


E-cig sightings don’t end on the big and small screen, it goes beyond to the outside and personal life of a range of celebrities. Dennis Quaid was photographed with his e-cig in a Hollywood parking lot. Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones has even been seen with one and with a reputation for drug and alcohol abuse, it’s great to see Wood’s appreciation for something good for him.

Other celebrities who are seen vaping their way at restaurants, cafes, clubs and parties are: Britney Spears,Charlie Sheen,Kevin Federline,Lindsay Lohan,Kevin Connoly,J-Wow,Nikki Reed,Ashley Greene,Kate Moss,Catherine Deneuve, Paris Hilton and more.

Ecigarette Lovers

One of the stars who love their E-cigarettes is Leonardo Di Carpio. He’d been photographed many times using an E-cigarette. And he was seen puffing away on his electronic cigarette between takes while filming all his recent movies.

American Pie Reunion star, Natasha Lyonne, spoke about her E-cigarettes on her recent appearance on OWN’s Rosie O’Donnell Show. When questiones by the talk show host about how she switched to E-cigarettes, she admitted that a health scare caused her to make the switch and that E-cigarettes had saved her life. She hasnt looked back after and is recommending E-cigarettes to other people.

Katherine Heigl is another vaper who is proud about her Electronic cigarettes. She vapes in her recent appearance at David Letterman’s show and said some witty explanations about E-cigarettes and how she loves it and how she is so hook with it but it cant do any harm on her.

As e-cigarettes gain the approval of Tinseltown, vapers across the United States are encouraged to use E-cigs too. Vapers are enjoying their trend-setting status while they watch their beloved electronic cigarettes get increasing exposure on the Red Carpet.